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Monday, August 5, 2013

Why do fruits become soft when ripe?

The cells of the raw fruit or vegetable are tightly packed and are held rigidly together by a carbohydrate called pectin which forms a strong bond with the walls of the coils and cements the cells together. As the fruit ripens, enzymes in the cells dissolve the pectin. When this happens the cells are no longer lightly bound to each other and the fruit becomes soft to the touch. Healing also dissolves the pectin. This is why vegetables and fruit become soft when cooked.

Taking the Temperature -thermometer

When you have a fever, the temperature is taken with the help of a thermometer. The bulb of the thermometer is normally placed under the tongue or in the armpit or groin. What's the reason? For a correct reading of body temperature, the bulb of the thermometer (which contains mercury) has to be in direct contact with the body's surface. If the thermometer is placed simply inside the mouth, it may not give a correct reading, as the bulb may not be in contact with the tongue. In such a case the temperature recorded will be that of the air and saliva in the mouth. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Ramanujan was one of the greatest Indian mathematician after Bhaskar and Bramhagupta. He is known for the Ramanujan prime and Ramanujan theta function. He made substantial contributions to number theory, infinite series and continued fractions .The number 1729 is called the Ramanujan number . His mathematical invention of -Rieman Zeta function finds applications in building high powered quality nuclear reactors. His mathematical formulae have applications in crystallography and string theory. The year 2012 is celebrated in India as the National Mathematical year to commemorate 125th birth anniversary of S. Ramanujan. A postal stamp was issued by the Government of India in his honour.

S.N.BOSE – Satyendra Nath Bose

The announcement of the discovery of God particle i.e-Higgs boson has brought the name Indian scientist— Satyendra Nath into global fame. The Higgs boson has been  a focus of ,great scientific speculation since long time. Recently .a British physicist, Dr Sharon Ann Holgate termed Prof. S.N.Bose as the 'particle Man', and declared that he should have been awarded the Nobel prize in physics. The S.N.Bose National Center for Basic sciences, an autonomous research institute. under  the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India was established in 1986 in his honor . The Government  of India issued a postal stamp to pay a tribute to Dr. S. N. Bose.


Apart. from being a great physicist. Sir J.C.Bosc was  also a great botanist, archaeologist and early writer of science fiction stories. He was the first Indian scientist who proved experimentally that both animals and plants are sensitive to heat, light, cold, noise and other external stimuli. He designed a very sensitive in strum ent—Creseo graph. capable of recording and detecting the minute responses of the plants due to external stimulants. He wanted that Indians should cultivate scientific culture .J.C.Bose was honoured in India as well as abroad. He was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society London in 1920. He  founded the Bose institute in 1917. which is a premier research institute in the field of physics, chemistry. Botany. Microbiology. plant molecular and cellular Genetics. immunotechnology and Environmental science etc• The  Government of India honored him by issuing a postal Stamp in his name. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

C.V. RAMAN (1888-1970)

C.V. RAMAN  (1888-1970) Chandrasekhar Venkat Raman discovered Raman effect i.e the concept of molecular diffraction of light and won Nobel prize in physics in 1930. Every year on 28th February the National Science Day is celebrated in India to commemorate the discovery of the Raman effect. Raman effect has been proved of utmost importance in understanding the molecular structure of chemical compounds. C.V.Raman was awarded Bharat Ratna and the Lenin Peace prize. His remarkable  achievements brought international  recognition and glory to Indian science . The Government of  India released a postal stamp in his  honor. 


PRAFULLA CHANDRA RAY (1861 – 1944)   Dr P.C.Ray was the legendary  Indian Chemist, academiclan , and an entrepreneurs.. He was the founder  of The Bengal Chemical Works India’s  first pharmaceutical  company. He discovered mercurous nitrite and Indian Calcium tonic. Apart from o great scientist, he was also a staunch freedom fighter and a great science popularizer. His book  the Life  and Experience of A Bengali Chemist was popular during British rule in India. He had a strong faith in Indian culture and Mahatma Gandhi. Acharya Prafulla Chandra ray  was a con-temporary Indian scientist and a close friend of Sir J.C.Bose. The Government of India paid a fit tribute by releasing a postal stamp in his honor.